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Halloween Email Design Ideas: Add Halloween Vibes to Emails

In your business, there might be such a period of time right now that gives a sense of urgency and makes you think it’s time to create a Halloween email campaign in 2022 until it’s too late. This article may be good to look through if you feel like this.  

Launching a new email campaign every time of the year is a priceless opportunity. Besides its ability to increase sales and boost relationships with customers, Halloween email campaigns are the hope to gain new readers. 

Before achieving this, one first needs to use creativity and sweat over a good Halloween email. Great visuals, designs made to the point, and being useful in your call to action, – all of this goes without saying. 

This article will overview several examples of elements that need to be present in perfect email templates for this festive time. Let’s see how they can help you save time and craft a unique message template. 

Email Template Elements to Choose to Bring Halloween Spirit Into Your Work Routine

A Halloween email will always stand out from the great number of other letters with its easy-to-recognize symbolics, seasonal shades, and some small elements of Halloween email templates: spooky ghosts, spiders, bats, witches, etc. Less famous but not less successful visuals for composing a fun Halloween letter include candles, sweets (to continue the trick-or-treat topic), magic elements like cauldrons with potions, haunted houses as if from the Screams Halloween park, bones, scary costumes, etc.

If you’re at a loss about how to style a Halloween email, stick to traditional designs. It may include a lot of things, such as: 

  1. Jack-O-Lanterns.

Whether it is a home decoration or an email you send to your email subscribers, a Halloween theme looks incomplete without this famous pumpkin with a smile. They can come in different forms: some Halloween templates offer ones in cartoon designs, while others let you use Jack-O-Lanterns with scary faces. 

  1. Black cats, ravens, bats.

Black cats add to the mysterious atmosphere as an ever-lasting sign of something vicious. Plus, a cute animal is never odd in a letter meant to advertise or announce something. Other creatures, especially those active at night, are also welcome in a Halloween email template.

  1. Full moon. 

A moon alone might make a great sign for a Halloween email. With it, every landscape is going to fit into the festive mood of Halloween. 

  1. Ghosts. 

Halloween emails look cool with email templates that link these symbols to your offers or events within an email campaign. For example, notifying about Halloween sales might be great to do with the help of ghost graphics and a Call to Action such as ‘Go for a scary good deal!’ (with buttons leading to your online store). 

  1. Skeletons, zombies, and graveyards.

Remember that it is best to combine a few symbolic elements and not to place them all in the center of an email than to go for many. If you want to remain not too obvious when running a Halloween email campaign and avoid using a standard Halloween template, feel free to omit the imagery we described. 

Just going for the black and orange colors in an email template or inserting appropriate phrases into subject lines, such as ‘Trick or treat,’ will be a great Halloween theme for those who are minimalists to the bone. Another way to stay simple in the design of the Halloween newsletter is to include a pattern like the one in the Halloween email example below. 

Minimalism lovers will also be inspired by the idea of a simple trick-or-treating candy theme based on visuals like this: 

Other Key Things to Keep In Mind

Thinking of the color combination.

Besides the ‘set in stone’ orange and black, other colors can also render the Halloween spirit: red, brown, green, white, and purple fit here too. Anyway, as long as the Halloween theme is centered around the main associations with the holiday, any colors can have their place in a Halloween email. 

In addition, if your brand involves a specific color shade that customers associate with you, you should not waste it! Being different will let them see your email as a special one out of all others in their inbox. 

Whatever the shade, it can be easily incorporated into a current Halloween email template to serve the purposes of your Halloween email campaign. 

Announcing Halloween sales in advance. 

Customers love it when they are not caught off guard by all these seasonal sales and can think of purchases at least a week before the big day. If a Halloween email is more than a ‘Happy Halloween!’ kind and is meant to announce a sale or give a discount code, save a text field for the sale’s specific time frame in your Halloween newsletter templates. 

To grab the most attention, hint at a sale in the subject line of a Halloween email. The key is to keep a subject line clear and concise and let it reflect the email’s idea. 

For instance, if it’s a sale, announce it like this: 

  • ‘Grab these goods before they ghost out,’ 
  • ‘See best offers in the boo-tique,’ 
  • ‘Scary good prices this week!’. 

Sometimes it makes sense to double the timing in the email header and mix it with happy Halloween wishes. 

Customizing is the key. 

Customization is super important since every part of the Halloween email campaign should be organic to your company and speak from its philosophy. If you use a template provider like this, you will be able to change every email template with no coding skills required. 

This will let you align every part of Halloween emails with your brand: subject lines, Halloween fun visual elements, and email header styles.  

Going further than visuals only: choosing fancy fonts. 

Since in Halloween email campaigns, every detail has a role, fonts should not be overlooked. Even more than this, – Halloween is one of the rare occasions that fancy fonts are okay to use in an email template. 

On the one hand, unusual fonts are brilliant in catching attention and adding to the holiday spirit. Still, be careful not to cross the line where the email header becomes unreadable. 

Depending on the level of ‘spookiness’ you want in a Halloween newsletter, you can choose complicated fonts for a Halloween email: cursives, bolds, comic fonts, or ones created especially for use in a Halloween template. 

The Final Word

Creating a Halloween email seems simple, but in reality, there’s much hard work behind an attractive pumpkin-themed Halloween newsletter. Remember to use our advice when launching your email campaigns or to trust experienced email marketers with newsletter templates that can recreate the Halloween mood through a unique email template, good visuals, and a meaningful subject line.

And finally, while being fascinated by some of the best newsletter templates to use in email campaigns, stay true to yourself – your brand aesthetics and principles, individual style of email campaign running, and the way you think it’s best to celebrate Halloween. That is what sets a brand apart in their Halloween email campaigns and makes them effective and memorable. 

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