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Cold Email Web Design

Attracting new clients to a website is not easy. It can be tedious and costly, but it is important for designers and web design companies. Using cold email templates and sending and receiving cold emails may seem a little complex. But if done correctly, it can give surprisingly positive results to a new website.

What Is a Web Design Cold Email?

Cold email campaigns aim to contact someone on a website you have never met. It is worth noting that cold emails are not limited only to sales. For graphic and web designers, cold email outreach is the first letter sent to potential clients for a mutually beneficial opportunity or sale. So, they should use cold email templates.

Advantages of Sending Cold Emails

As a newbie web designer, sending an effective cold email outreach will make your job search on a website easier. Unless you’re a web designer with many references, sending cold emails is probably part of your work at some point in your career.

Cold email templates tell potential clients how to add value to their businesses. Instead of diving into a relentless advertising campaign on the website, just take the time to present yourself as an expert who can make a new website and insert a CTA (Call to Action). It usually works as answering a physical call and sending a web design offer.

What You Shouldn’t Do

Here are two pain points you shouldn’t do when using cold email campaigns.

  • Don’t send thoughtlessly automated follow up emails.
  • Don’t be too unscrupulous.

Good cold email templates can bring you more clients. Your cold email outreach must first sound like one real person is talking to another. Making cold emails personal is one of the key elements to making your website successful. You may be surprised at how many web design companies send numerous messages, which causes problems and exhausts their advertising budgets. Not all website owners have the same down to earth problems and need the same web design services. Offer a quick, painless solution and outreach campaigns and leave a personal impression.

As for the second point, you shouldn’t look like an unscrupulous person who expects to get a fast result for your website. “Speak” in messages as if in a real conversation and with real guidance. Use professional cold email templates, approach the selected problem, and clarify how you can solve it with the help of your website.

What You Should do

As already mentioned, cold email campaigns are not only used to attract prospective clients. You can use them to communicate with other graphic designers, other people engaged in interesting creative work and a cold prospects website, or for strategic partnerships.

Web design cold personalized email in 5 simple steps:

  1. Discover new customers and companies
  2. Identify who you want to send an email to
  3. Create an attractive subject line
  4. Create personalized messages
  5. Follow up

Remember that you should find new web design clients.

  • Discover potential customers and companies

First, as a web designer, you must understand that you work with the right people/organizations and their pain points. You need a clear idea of where you stand in the web design business, who you want to be, how to get there, and how to find a painless solution. Others should be interested in what you say and your web design services.

  • Identify who you want to send an email to

You have to find prospective clients to offer them your development services and outreach campaigns. It is very difficult for large companies to contact small and medium-sized businesses. You can see on LinkedIn to understand who senior employees are and chat with them using design cold email templates.

  • Create an attractive subject line

The mission of web design services is clear. You need to find clients. So, it is necessary to use a strong cold email subject line that makes sense to attract the other party’s attention. An unattractive subject line may prevent clients from opening your message, no matter what design cold email templates you use.

  • Create personalized messages

Your approach to web design services also varies depending on who you are addressing. But one thing is certain: your message must be personalized and simple. It shows your genuine interest in the recipient of your cold calling. Potential web design customers are unlikely to know who you are. So, using a cold email template, you will take their attention.

  • Follow up

What is a follow up message? Remember that the person you are contacting is probably busy. So, 3-5 business days after sending your first message, send a simple follow up email similar to your first web design cold email message. You can show that you care about their organization by offering a valuable web design service.

Examples of a Cold Email Template for Web Designers that Will Bring You More Clients

Check out the list of cold email templates for a talented web designer below.

Cold email template for a small business

Hi, [name].

I’m [your name], [job title] from [your web design agency name]. First of all, I want to say that I love what you do with [their company name]. It can be difficult for small businesses to customize their website design with limited cold email outreach templates.

You can use my web design services and my comprehensive knowledge. I can create custom web designs for mobile devices compatible with [website platform] to increase your company’s sales. An optimized website design is very important now!
Are you interested in optimizing your web design to increase sales? If so, please call me as soon as possible, and I will design cold email templates. What about free consultation tomorrow?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


[Your name]

Cold email template for big brands

Hi, [name].

I’m [your name] from [your company name]. [Their new website name] does really great things. The recent collaboration with [X person] is very nice.

Do you have any job vacancy? Are there any outreach campaigns where you run out of help? I have a value proposition. I can provide you with my web design services. My previous clients were satisfied with our work. I can also do a new website.

Let’s make a quick phone call! Can we get in touch on [date]?

I’m looking forward to talking to you.

[Your name]

Cold email template for startups

Hi, [name].

I’m [name] from [your company name].

I am a big fan of [recipient’s company] blog. Your website is great. I think it’s good that you mention certain parts of your blog that relate to your web design services.

I see that you are trying to drive website traffic. I have a good email template for your website [give a sample link]. So I can make your business grow.

Please chat or call me soon. I have time [tomorrow/today].


[Your name]


Personalized cold email templates with an attractive opening line to a specific customer or company website are a great way to build relationships in a new business. Web design cold email is never easy, and it’s hard to know what kind of response to expect. However, the right approach, existing ideas, and professional cold email templates can significantly increase your chances of successfully reaching new clients on your website.