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Christmas Email Design

Email marketing is a powerful digital marketing channel that uses email to promote a business’s products or services. This form of direct automated marketing helps target audiences learn about the latest products and offers. It can inform customers about new products, discounts, and other services. It also plays a key role in the marketing strategy of generating leads, increasing holiday sales, and maintaining customer engagement between purchases through different types of email templates.

Christmas is the time to change your email template campaign: add or remove something in the Christmas emails, use the original email templates, adjust the email template design, change the email template frequency, etc. But the most challenging part of this process is writing your first Christmas emails to grab your audience’s attention.

Read valuable tips for designing Christmas email templates and check out some good examples of free email templates. This will definitely help you succeed in implementing your email template marketing strategy.

Why Email Template Is the Best Channel for Your Christmas Marketing Campaign?

There are several reasons to use Christmas templates in your marketing campaign:

  • Low cost compared to other channels. As a result, higher profitability. With the same costs for different channels, the effectiveness of Christmas email campaigns will be higher;
  • The ability to independently determine who and what information will receive in the email template. This increases the relevance of email templates newsletters and audience loyalty;
  • Email template personalization. Unlike other traffic channels, you already know your audience, so you can customize your email templates. Thanks to modern email templates services, personalization can be easily automated;
  • Free templates automation. Most email templates can be set up automatically;
  • Increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty;
  • An email templates newsletter is the best tool for retaining and returning customers.

Top Christmas Email Template Design Trends in 2022-2023

Here are the top 3 Christmas email template design trends for 2022-2023:

  1. Adaptive free templates design. The figures of every second statistical study in recent years confirm that most email templates are read from mobile devices. Therefore, adaptive email template design is the first thing you should consider when conducting Christmas email campaigns. This will ensure the correct display of your Christmas templates on any device of the user;
  2. Interactive and movement. Static is the past, and today movement rules everything. Therefore, use email template animations, videos, and game elements as the basis for your Christmas email templates;
  3. Minimalism. Try to use less text. The content of the Christmas template should be short and relevant. The same applies to the email template illustration you use.

Christmas Email Template Design Tips

Consider some valuable tips for creating a Christmas email template design:

  • Strategy. The first thing to do is to develop a clear schedule for sending Christmas email templates. But first of all, it is worth determining for what purpose you are doing this. Don’t try to make all merry Christmas templates sales-oriented. You can thank the client in holiday emails and tell them about your work,  Christmas vibes, etc. In fact, there are many Christmas emails ideas;
  • Writing style. Prepare a Christmas email template for your letters. You don’t have to make a separate email template for the holiday season, just decorate the logo with a Santa hat and make sure that all your email template banners are made in a festive style;
  • Holiday season content. All pictures and information in the email template should evoke a festive mood;
  • Analyze past email template experience. Determine which Christmas template strategies have been successful in the past year. If there were no Christmas template mailings before, analyze the content on social networks and targeted advertising that were most effective. This will help you understand what your email template audience likes;
  • Consider competitors’ merry Christmas email templates. This is another way to understand what kind of Christmas email template design you should create. Read cases from previous years and look through the newsletters of famous brands. There are always a lot of interesting free Christmas email templates;
  • Pay attention to the topic of your holiday email templates. Test to find out which Christmas email template headlines attract readers the most. This will maximize the open rate of your Christmas email templates;
  • Think about the future. Offer not only discounts and gifts here and now but also gift cards and loyalty programs for the future. Such a Christmas template approach will increase the reach of the audience by attracting new customers.

7 Best Christmas Email Templates You Can Use

Find 7 free Christmas email templates below and apply them to your Christmas email campaign.

Free Shipping Christmas Email Template

91% of buyers only work with brands that offer free shipping. According to NRF research, the average customer is willing to spend $648 on Christmas gifts. Free shipping, in this case, acts as a reward for the buyer for his kindness and generosity.

Christmas email design

Animated Christmas Email Template

CSS animation is one of the most popular Christmas template trends. Therefore, be sure to use it in your best Christmas email templates. A creative email template approach will help you stand out in your customers’ inboxes.

Merry Christmas email design

Christmas Gift Guide Email Templates

This is the most useful merry Christmas email template. It helps not only to navigate your assortment but also to form gift ideas for the reader.

Christmas sale email design

Christmas Email Template with Embedded Video

Videos broadcast the Christmas spirit. So you can use them in your merry Christmas email templates to share fun ideas, convey warm wishes from your team, or just promote your products or services.

Merry Christmas email design ideas

Christmas Email Templates Announcing a Giveaway

Everyone loves gifts and giveaways. And on the eve of merry Christmas, email subscribers are mainly waiting for a miracle and a festive mood, so they are more willing to participate in all holiday email template activities. So it’s time to take advantage of this and send the appropriate Christmas email templates to the audience.

Christmas giveaway email. design

Holiday Email Templates with AMP Elements

AMP email templates usually include interactive elements such as a carousel, accordion, purchase buttons, etc. You can use such elements to give your Christmas email templates a playful character and attract customers’ attention.

AMP Christmas email campaign elements are accessible, require minimal implementation time, and display correctly in Gmail. Here is an example of email templates with ANP elements:

Christmas email design

Christmas Gratitude Email Templates

It’s always nice to be appreciated. Therefore, say a few kind words to your email subscribers before the holiday. They will definitely remember you and come back for a product or service. If you manage to combine gratitude with recommendations in your Christmas email templates, the effect will be even better!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year email

Concluding Remarks

Merry Christmas is a holiday that everyone looks forward to. It brings good luck, health, and kindness. In addition, the Christmas season is a great time to attract the audience’s attention to your online store. Holiday emails will help you with this. The main thing is to create good email templates or use one of the free Christmas email templates. Follow the tips presented in this article, and you will certainly increase the Christmas spirit of your audience!